In Studio Recording
In studio services include multitrack recording in 16 track analog, 24 track digital or any combination of these formats. Your project can be mixed to our two track tape machine or to our high resolution master disk recorder. If you are a solo artist or band interested in studio multitrack recording please visit our Rates page for more detailed information, pricing and a walk through of a typical session. If you are a business in need of some voice over recording to perhaps produce your own radio commercials, on hold telephone messages, instructional tapes or cd's for your employees we can accommodate you. We can also transfer most formats of reel to reel, cassette and vinyl recordings to cd. For more information on these services please email or phone the studio at 610-588-4968. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have.

  On Location Recording
On Location recording is typically used for larger groups such as choirs and orchestras. If a live performance with audience is to be recorded then of course the excitement of a live performance with audience interaction is also captured. I will usually record on location to eight track digital tape (DTRS). This format will easily accommodate a choir with piano or organ accompaniment, soloist and even some additional instruments. Pricing for this service is billed at our current studio rate of $40 per hour. After the performance is recorded it will be mixed down and edited at our studio. A master disc will be created suitable for duplication or replication. While we do not do mass disc duplication in house we will provide this service for you by contracting out to DiskMakers or a duplication company of your choice.  We do not profit from this but simply offer it as a convenience to our clients. Additionally if recorded selections not in public domain and still under copyright are to be duplicated, mechanical licenses are required by law. We can fulfill this requirement for you again only billing for the cost incurred. If a recording of a larger performance is planned, (say perhaps a choir and full orchestra or live outdoor event) Hilltop Studios has a partnership with Mow the Dog Productions in Pattenburg New Jersey. Twenty four track digital hard disc recording and also live sound reinforcement for the event can be provided. Pricing of these services obviously will vary depending on the size of your project, equipment and number of personnel required. For more information and detailed pricing please contact us by email or phone the studio at 610-588-4968. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide a bid on the services you are interested in. 

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