Click on the links below to sample some recordings done at Hilltop.

The first two songs were done on a four track when Hilltop first opened it's doors back in the late 1970's.
By 1985 we were recording with an eight track machine and our first sixteen track was acquired in 1990. Enjoy !!



StoneWater.....central Jersey based Blue's band that played the circuit from the mid 70's to the late 80's. My regards to all who were members of that great StoneWater family over the years. Guys isn't it time for a reunion before none of us can get out of our rockin chairs ???
 NJSB  ©1985 Per Kristen Berquist 
 Midnight Lady  ©1987 John W. Bergen 



 Roxoff....classic rock covers and some great originals.  Recorded at Hilltop around 1985.
Big City Blue
40 Days 



  Stefanie Austin....a solo artist who plays acoustic guitar and sings. On this track we added some sequenced drums and Joe Riga played bass guitar.
Never Give You Up



 Glenn Lewis, Tom Stolzenberger and Gary Evans recorded a version of Wind Beneath my Wings which was used as a video soundtrack by the United Way of Sussex County NJ.
 during their 1987 fund raising campaign.
 Wind Beneath my Wings



Benediction.....Steve Vil, Timm Miller and Rab Sharpe recorded at Hilltop in 1990.  
Lab Animal©1990 Benediction



Rick Bergacs..... recorded some tracks to showcase musicians
from his talent agency. Rick produced and played horns on the sessions.
Time of my Life
Hot Hot Hot



 Scott Metaxes, Ken Dubman and bandmates from Prophet and later
 Edgar Cayce recorded some early demos at Hilltop.
Gunnin for Your Love
It Ain't Love



 The Colonial Musketeers...... Fife and Drum Corps
A special thank you to Kevin Tracy for all his help on these sessions !!
The Girl I Left Behind
Irish Medley



 Roswell's Dream.....a very popular band in the Warren and Morris County area of NJ.
Two samples from their "Eyes Like Scars" release.  Recorded summer of 1999.
Skimpy Smiles©1999 Roswell's Dream
Transition in D minor©1999 Roswell's Dream

Contact LA Management for a copy of Eyes Like Scars



Formula Jade.....their first release recorded during the summer of 2000.
A Night on Earth©2000 Formula Jade

 ..........and "VINA" recorded in 2001

Hold Me Under Now ©2001 Formula Jade

Contact LA Management to order cd's !



 Ben Tyler......completed his first project at Hilltop during the winter of 2001.
 Into the Light©2001 Benjamin Tyler

.......and his second project in 2003.

Jimmy Says     Bitterness   All songs © 2003 Benjamin Tyler

Contact LA Management to order cd's !



 Freedom Rode.....Paul "Farmer" Frank, Bob Marks, Mike Burns and Fred "Frets" Bonitz
Blue Eyes Cryin
Wicked Games



Ransom the Captive......completed a six song project entitled

Listen to a sample from the track
Buy Me A Car © 2001 Ransom the Captive



Jersey Hit Box......recorded at Hilltop during the spring of 2002.
Just The Way You Are
Jail House Rock

and again in 2003......
Lady Marmalade    The Way You Look Tonight



Stasis.....recorded at Hilltop during the fall of 2002.
Call to Arms   

Visit the Stasis web site or email the band for more info !!!



 Scott McDonald.....of One Cat Left fame recorded some tracks in !993.
Kissing You Goodbye © 1993 Scott McDonald
Easier Said Then Done © 1993 Scott McDonald

and Scott completed a self-titled acoustic album in February 2003.

Don't Think You Won    Tuck    Sometimes
All songs
© 2003 No Prune Music

Contact Scott



Red Sun.....completed a four song project at Hilltop in April 2003.
Chicago Bound    No Cuttin Loose



  Red Sun presented us with a "Gold Record"  
Thank you Jim, Mike, Ben, Gary and Kevin.   
We were touched and I greatly appreciate it !



Dixie Highway
.....completed their album "Dear Ole' Dixie" in October of 2003.
Check out Linda, Jay, Carlton,
Jim, Ralph and Paul putting down some toe tappin Bluegrass !!
Smoke Goes Up      Old Love Letters

Here's a picture of Dixie Highway's completed CD

Get your copy at cdbaby !!

The plaque from Discmakers to commemorate their project.




Simon Circles.....recorded at Hilltop in September of 2003. Acoustic rock with
a bit of Dave Matthews flavor. Mike O'Brien on drums, Craig Titus on
guitar, Joel Stem on bass and Mike Frank on guitar and vocals.
Jack and Coke             Like a Glove

All songs copyright @ 2003 Simon Circles

Contact Simon Circles



Emily Roller.....completed her first project at Hilltop in January 2004.
Ironic     There You'll Be     Call the Man

Contact  Emily



Liz Collins.....completed a solo album on March 2004.
Liz is from Hatboro, Pa. and she is a very talented singer, guitarist
and songwriter. You can definitely hear some Mellissa E and Janis J
influences in her voice. Listen to some samples I'm sure you'll enjoy !

Faith is the Key     Spiritual Man     Armor of God     In Heaven



The Diamond Dance Band.....Tom Gallagher (drums), Dan Gallagher (guitars and keys) and Brad
Barile (sax),formerly of the Jersey Hit Box completed their third project in March 2004.
John Sloan on bass guitar and Michael Wright on lead vocals complete the new group,
Volare      Bossa Nova Baby      Drum Thang



The Heavy..... with Jay Jannuzzi on vocals, Troy Bleck on guitar, Todd Lanka
 on bass and Dave Stoker on drums completed their first project in March 2004.
Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of an early 70's rock band called Free.
Dig Myself a Hole     Seasons of Change     Waiting



Tara Bonadonna completed her first project at Hilltop in 2004.
Her songs feature unique melodies with mellow finger picking,
mysticism  steeped lyrics and a voice you won't forget.

Moving On          Asperger Eyes

All songs copyright © 2004 Tara Bonadonna



The Only Space completed a project at Hilltop in January 2005.

Salvation Please     Swan Song     Back To My Senses

All songs copyright © 2005 The Only Space



James Fackino completed his third project at Hilltop in January 2005.
James plays guitar and keyboards and joining him on this project
was Allison Gentile on bass guitar and Kevin DeEshe on drums.

Asleep      Small Victories     Watch the Leaves

All songs copyright
© 2004 James Fackino



Formula Jade's 2005 release .......The Red States vs The Blue States

Cities     The Sailor     Golden     Stranded     Hypa (The Beacon)

 All songs copyright © 2005 Adam R. Anderson except
"The Sailor" copyright
© 2004 Ben Tyler Anderson

Contact LA Management to get your copy !!


Karen and Amy Jones
"The Jones Girls" completed 
their first project at Hilltop in February 2005.

Bells for Her     Loosing my Religion     In Your Eyes     *The Murder of Me

© 2005 Karen Jones

Check out their website for more info !



Undercover with Andy Janowiak on drums, John Straley on bass guitar,
 Chris Messina on keyboards, Victor Blasucci on guitar, Rene' Bergamino on guitar/vocals
 and Scott McDonald on guitar/vocals completed their first project at Hilltop in April 2005.

Vertigo     8675309     Boulevard of Broken Dreams     Crazy Train


Emily Roller
completed her third project at Hilltop in August 2005
and she was chosen as a finalist in the "Stars of Bethlehem"
 vocalist competition held at Musikfest 2005.   Congratulations Emily !!

Me and Bobby McGee     Son of a Preacher Man


Ben Tyler Anderson (The Ben Tyler Band)
was back at Hilltop in June, 2005 to record some new songs.

Wishfull Thinking     I'm Relieved 
all songs copyright © 2005 Ben Tyler Anderson

Visit the pure volume website for Ben Tyler



Lychnis Flo completed their first project at Hilltop in July, 2005.
 Tim Banas guitar/vocals, Chris McHale on guitar and Tyler Chambers on drums/percussion.

Scattered Pieces     Ghost in a Flame     Countless Miles

All songs copyright
© 2005 Tim Banas, Lychnis Flo



The Daily Pravda completed their first project at Hilltop in the summer of 2005.
The band is from Boston Massachusetts with Adam Anderson on lead guitar/synth,
 David Jackel on vocals/guitar, Joshh Magee on bass guitar and Ken Marcou on drums.

She's so Mature      Shauna Grant     Samantha Hall

All songs copyright © 2005 David Jackel

Visit the Daily Pravda website for more info !


Lytrell Stevenson
completed her first album At Hilltop in the fall of 2005.

Lytrell 's  CD entitled "Sorry" is available on  CD Baby !! 

Listen to some sample tracks !!

He Is    Sorry    Yours Truly    Attention    Gospel Boogie    Comeback  (with Mike and Jasmine)

all songs copyright
© 2005 Lytrell Stevenson


Phoebus Apollo won a ten hour recording package at a battle of the bands
held at the Historic Pattenburg House in August of 2005. Band members
included Jesse Braun on drums, Conor Kinsman on bass/vocals),
Nick Pokrivchak on guitar/vocals) and Kevin Mantz on vocals). 

The Newest    The Favor    Kingpin Speedwobble Skate Junkie


Dirty Blondes completed their first project at Hilltop in February of 2006.
Check out these sample tracks !!

 Get Down Tonight      Turn the Beat Around


Toga Party Band recorded some tracks in July 2006.
The band's repertoire of classic rock and their "Toga" look have been 
creating quite a buzz at clubs throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Sample Tracks !!

The Middle     American Girl     My Own Worst Enemy



 Matty T and the Road to Ruin completed their first
project at Hilltop in August2006. This West Jersey based
classic rock and blues band features Matt Taggart on guitar
and vocals, Hal Daggett on drums and Mike Armellino on bass.

Check out these sample tracks !!

Can't Get Enough      The Boy's Are Back       Can't You See


The Test Tube Casanova Brigade


Rob Drumm on drums, Dave "Sally" Sisbarro
on bass guitar, Matt Meyers on guitar/lead vocals and Josh Boehm on lead guitar.

Sample Tracks !!

Good Times in Bad Places      Lonely Casanova      As the Blood Dries

all songs copyright © 2007 The Test Tube Casanova Brigade


 The Warren County Community Singers



On location at the First Presbyterian Church in Washington, NJ.
recording the Warren County Community Singers
2007 winter concert "The Sound of Winter"


Sample Tracks !


O Come to the Manger  Words & Music : Patrick Liebergen
© 2004 Hope Publishing Carol Stream, IL. 60188 (ASCAP)


Grown-Up Christmas List  by Linda Thompson & David Foster  Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.


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